Daily Clips: June 30, 2016

NATE SILVER HAS SPOKEN: The good news is that Hillary Clinton has an 80 percent chance of winning the presidency in the new Five Thirty Eight model. The bad news is that means Donald Trump has a 20 percent chance of winning the presidency. That’s one in five, people!

TODAY’S MUST-READ REPORT: Nell Abernathy, Mike Konczal, and Kathryn Milani have written a report for the Roosevelt Institute titled Untamed: How to Check Corporate, Financial, and Monopoly Power, which presents “a specific set of solutions to curb rising economic inequality and spur productive growth. We start from the assumption that inequality is not inevitable: It is a choice, and, contrary to many opinions on both the left and the right, we can choose differently without sacrificing economic efficiency.”

WHICH REPUBLICANS HAVE GONE ALL-IN FOR TRUMP? The Atlantic’s David A. Graham has built a handy chart identifying the Yeas, Nays, Abstentions, and Undecideds. This is vitally important; those Republicans who do endorse Trump should be forced to wear that endorsement for the rest of their political lives.


Paul Constant

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