Daily Clips: June 24th, 2016

BREXIT MUSINGS: I stayed up until around 1am last night watching the results and analysis. Having studied in the UK for four years, I was particularly fascinated by the Brexit vote.

There is a trend going on within Western democracies; that is, protectionism and nationalism are in vogue, because governments have failed to adequately invest in their lower and middle-class citizens, while elites have benefited asymmetrically. In this cauldron of frustration, savvy politicians like Farage and Trump are funneling citizen anger towards “the other” in an attempt to bring their nations “back” to prosperity.

Anyways, enough of my personal theories. Here are some of my favorite Brexit tweets:

Who is to blame for Brexit? The elites: 

Over the past decade, elites broke the world, and were unrepentant about their failure. They created the conditions for the worst economic crisis in nearly a century, and made sure that their elite friends at the top would scoop up the post-crisis gains, stranding the vast majority of people. They decided their project of globalization and liberalization mattered more than democracy. Brexit is among the first tangible responses.

Nick Cassella

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