Daily Clips: June 1st, 2016

Your morbid post of the day: American death rates rises for first time in a decade.

Ridiculous headline of the day: Jimmy Carter makes one final push to end racism.

Click-bait headline of the day: New polls put Trump down to Clinton by just 2 points. How nervous should Democrats be?

Obama’s ex-speech writer outlines liberal incrementalism in column:

Such is the path of progress in America — slow, difficult, collective, and always unfinished. It doesn’t come from sudden revolutions or charismatic strongmen. It comes from the quiet, persistent effort of citizens and leaders who are flawed and fallible human beings, but nevertheless press on, believing that for all the days filled with setbacks and disappointments, there will be some days when, to paraphrase the president’s favorite King quote, we have bent the long arc of the moral universe ever slightly toward justice.

The MLK metaphor nearly ruins this paragraph. Is it just me or is it so overused?

Nick Cassella

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