Daily Clips: June 14th, 2016

“But for the first time in a long time, gun control is being talked about as part of the campaign for president. Before Sunday’s events, Hillary Clinton had made gun law reform a centerpiece of her campaign, and on Monday she called for reinstating the ban on assault weapons. Weapons of war belong in the armed forces, not ing un shops that cheerfully furnish them to those with one goal only: killing as many innocents as possible, as quickly as possible.” – Washington Post editorial board’s piece today.

US security chief urges gun control steps after Orlando attack: “This has become a matter of national security,” claimed Security Chief Jeh Johnson. 

David Brooks thinks young students in US are “more emotionally vulnerable today”: I’ve noted in the past Brooks’ penchant for being dismissive towards today’s youth. His latest column continues this theme and backs it up with baseless opinions that make no sense.

US data point to strong domestic demand, stirring inflation: There are signs of life in the US economy after all!

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Nick Cassella

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