Daily Clips: July 7, 2016

IT HAPPENED AGAIN: Philando Castile is the second African-American man to be shot by a policeman in less than 24 hours. Like Alton Sterling, Castile died on camera. Castile was legally carrying a firearm, but the NRA doesn’t seem to care.

CITY COUNCIL PROMOTES PAID PARENTAL AND FAMILY LEAVE: Check out the new proposed policy for city employees over at Councilmember Lorena González’s page.

VIRAL PETITION BERATES “EXTREME LABOR CUTS” Janet I. Tu at the Seattle Times writes:

A Starbucks barista’s petition complaining that the coffee chain has cut working hours in its stores to the point of “gross underemployment” for workers has garnered more than 11,000 signatures and the attention of top Starbucks executives.

“THERE’S GOING TO BE A WHOLE LOT OF HAPPY STORE MANAGERS” Check out this great Marketplace story by Andy Uhler on raising the overtime threshold.

Paul Constant

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