Daily Clips: July 5, 2016

FBI OFFERS RECOMMENDATION IN CLINTON EMAIL CASE: The FBI does not recommend charges in the Clinton email case, says the New York Times:

The F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, said on Tuesday that the bureau would not recommend criminal charges in Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information, lifting an enormous legal cloud from her presidential campaign, hours before her first joint campaign appearance with President Obama.

Comey called Clinton “extremely careless.”

HOUSE TO PICK UP GUN DEBATE THIS WEEK: The House is set to vote on a Republican-sponsored gun responsibility law this week which introduces…

…restrictions to bar people suspected of terrorist ties from purchasing firearms. Republican Senator John Cornyn introduced a similar bill last month, but Senate Democrats rejected it, arguing it was unworkable. House Democrats are expected to do the same.

DONALD TRUMP CONTINUES TO BE DONALD TRUMP: Paul Ryan says Trump’s Star of David tweet was “ridiculous,” adding that “anti-Semitic images have no place in a presidential campaign.” Ryan added, “I really believe he’s gotta clean up the way his new media works.” Ryan continues to bravely stand behind Trump, though.

Paul Constant

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