Daily Clips: July 28th, 2016

THE FUTURE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY: Imagine how different last night would’ve been if Clinton had got the nomination instead of Obama. It’s quite a thought experiment. The Democratic Party would be far different, in my opinion and Dylan Matthew’s. Here’s the latter’s take:

The sequence was supposed to go in reverse. Clinton would get the nomination after Obama put up a respectable showing. She might pick him as a running mate, or pick a fairly boring, well-qualified white dude like Biden or Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland or Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh or former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, who would then run against a more seasoned Obama in the 2016 primary.

That would have resulted in a very different Democratic Party in 2016. It would be a party inextricably, personally linked to the Clinton family, whose only qualified public servants and potential Cabinet appointees are people personally loyal to the Clintons. It would be a considerably more militarily hawkish party.

BARACK OBAMA’S SPEECH: You must watch this seminal piece of public speaking.


Those voters haven’t been the party’s center for years: except for Bill Clinton in 1996, no Democrat has won more than 40 percent of white voters without a college education since 1980, according to media exit polls. On a national basis, Democrats have largely replaced them with increased support from Millennials, minorities, and college-educated whites—while running just enough above their national numbers among working-class whites in the key Midwestern battlegrounds to retain the advantage in those pivotal states.


Nick Cassella

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