Daily Clips: July 18th, 2016

THE PARTY OF SMALL GOVERNMENT IS NO MORE: A beautifully written piece by FiveThirtyEight. And it more or less confirms my beliefs (always a pleasurable experience).

The author argues that Trump has exposed the true motivations of Republican voters. For years, we’ve “assumed that adherence to a certain conservative purity was the engine of the GOP.” But Trump, quite clearly, shows this to be false. Rather, the GOP’s engine room, as it were, can be found “closer to the neighborhood of cultural conservatism and racial and economic grievance rather than a passion for small government.”

UBER REACHES 2 BILLION RIDES: Six months after hitting it’s first billion rides, Uber seems to be exponentially growing. Uber is now in 450 cities worldwide, “up from 311 a year a go.”

 THE REPUBLICANS WAGED A 3-DECADE WAR ON GOVERNMENT. THEY GOT TRUMP: Great read from two authors that penned, “Let’s Just Say it: The Republicans Are the Problem”…four years ago. I remember reading it at the time and thinking, “This is spot on.” Now today, they have another excellent take on the state of the party of Lincoln. Here’s the crux of their argument:

In the end, the exploitation of anti-government sentiment by Republican leaders, and the active efforts on their part to make all government look corrupt and illegitimate, reached its logical conclusion. The Republican political establishment looked no less corrupt, weak, and illegitimate than the Democratic one, and the appeal of a rank outsider became greater.

THE INVESTOR WHO BOUGHT TRUMPPENCE2016.COM IN APRIL FOR $10: A “political junkie” bought the domain in April of this year and now plans on selling it to Trump for a lot of money.

ALL ACROSS THE WORLD, TEACHERS ARE FIGHTING AGAINST AUSTERITY: For the love of god, invest in education. At all levels.


Nick Cassella

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