Daily Clips: July 12th, 2016


JPMORGAN CHASE IS GIVING THOUSANDS OF EMPLOYEES A RAISE: In a terribly written piece (It starts: “Wage stagnation. Income inequality. A lack of quality education.”) CEO Jamie Dimon lets us all know how benevolent JP Morgan Chase actually is. He explains:

Our minimum salary for American employees today is $10.15 an hour (plus meaningful benefits, which I’ll explain later), almost $3 above the current national minimum wage. Over the next three years, we will raise the minimum pay for 18,000 employees to between $12 and $16.50 an hour for full-time, part-time and new employees, depending on geographic and market factors.

SO, ABOUT THAT “GOOD GUY” WITH A GUN: The Washington Post‘s editorial board has an incredible column today on gun violence in America. Here’s my favorite paragraph:

Yes, guns can be properly and effectively used in self-defense. But saturating the nation with firearms also primes the country for deadly violence, making many situations more likely to end in death. Potential suicides are more likely to succeed. Deranged and angry people, such as Johnson, can murder trained law enforcement officers from a distance. Curious children accidentally shoot themselves, their friends or their parents. Domestic abusers kill family members before tempers cool or authorities arrive. Police officers see or fear guns in the cars they pull over, and their adrenaline starts pumping.

Nick Cassella

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