Daily Clips: January 5, 2017

Bringing back the widely-shared prosperity of the time when America was Trumpianally Great requires a great deal more than bringing back a factory or two or 200 or 2000—even if those factories aren’t as automated as nearly every factory is these days. It requires giving workers the right to demand their fair share of the revenues they produce. It requires a tax code that rewards work rather than speculation. American won’t be “great again” until ordinary Americans regain the power that Trump and the Republicans are determined to keep far from their grasp.

While I understand the call to action, I wish he would’ve complained more about this issue…I dunno…when he wasn’t a lame duck.

Sanctuary cities could provide “one of the strongest bulwarks against Trump’s inhumane immigration agenda.”

I have no more news stories to add. Frankly, it’s depressing out there.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Nick Cassella

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