Daily Clips: January 4th, 2016

Why aren’t we calling the Oregon occupiers ‘terrorists?’ In short, because these “occupiers” are white. And as history has shown, being white in America provides endless justifications for horrifying behavior. It’s why, as of yesterday, “the Washington Post called them ‘occupiers’ [and] The New York Times opted for ‘armed activists’ and ‘militia men.'”

The author points out how “it is hard to imagine” that words such as insurrection or revolt “would be avoided if, for instance, a group of armed black Americans took possession of a federal or state courthouse to protest the police.”

Take a look at John Kasich’s new ad: It offers the same cliche talking points and industrial vistas which fetishize the working class man. A highly ineffectual ad, John Kasich keeps reminding people that 1) he is a career politician (hardly a plus in this election cycle) and 2) he’s a guy that gets the job done. Consequently, the ad comes off feeling very superficial and very focus-grouped.

Obama starts 2016 with fight over gun violence prevention: God, there Obama goes again “politicizing” issues. When will Barack just roll over and let 30,000 Americans continue to die from gun violence? According to the AP, during this week Obama is “expected to sign off on a package of proposals aimed at curbing gun violence” and “at the top of the list is an effort to expand background checks on gun sales by forcing more sellers to register as federally licensed gun dealers.”

How…commonsensical? Here’s how Breitbart/Trump reacted to the news:

Depressingly predictable.

Depressingly predictable.

Mitt Romney worries about Jeb Bush: Romney told Washington Post journalists that, “a Bush-versus-Clinton head-to-head would be too easy for the Democrats,” adding “I like Jeb a lot, I think he’d be a great president, but felt he was unfairly but severely burdened by the W. years – and when I say the W. years, it’s not only what happened to the economy, but the tragedy in Iraq.”

Nick Cassella

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