Daily Clips: January 4, 2017

30+ thousand people a year are killed from guns. If that doesn’t demand a public health approach, I don’t know what does.

This is according to Population Reference Bureau (which admittedly I had never heard of before this morning). Their analysis is convincing, however their prescription is incredibly vague. Listen to this:

It’s important to close these gaps to put the next generation of workers and their children on a path to succeed in the labor force and advance the U.S. economy.

Yeah…no s***.

Excellent piece from Robert Kuttner over at The American Prospect.

“A bill like this, that’s obviously controversial, is going to be uphill,” Ferguson said Tuesday during an appearance on “Q13 News This Morning.” “I just really felt strongly and feel strongly that I need to step up and legislators need to step up and be counted.””

Nick Cassella

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