Daily Clips: January 30, 2017

Flirting with theocracy: As a young man who interned for a summer at the Secular Coalition for America, religion’s place in politics has always been a key topic for me. While I’ve had issues with American policy before this moment, Trump’s travel orders are a perfect example of why, as a democracy, we cannot let religion play a prominent role in the decision-making process. The opening paragraph of David Leonhardt is poignant:

Let’s not mince words. President Trump’s recent actions are an attempt to move the United States away from being the religiously free country that the founders created — and toward becoming an aggressively Christian country hostile to other religions.

Trump orders two-for-one repeal of all new regulations: A key pillar of trickle-down economics, Trump’s executive order shows that he is not a man of the people, but a man of the rich.

The ACLU says it got $24 million in donations this weekend, six times its yearly average: Incredible news in dark times.

900,000 Brits Sign Petition to Block Trump’s State Visit Due To ‘Misogyny and Vulgarity’

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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