Daily Clips: January 24, 2017

David Brooks believes Saturday’s marches missed the point: A truly nauseating article from Mr. Sanctimonious. He spends most of his column slamming the identity-based political movements of progressives. Meanwhile, he doesn’t say a god damn thing about conservatives electing a racist, white, nationalist into the highest office. And then he ends his piece with this doozy:

If the anti-Trump forces are to have a chance, they have to offer a better nationalism, with diversity cohering around a central mission, building a nation that balances the dynamism of capitalism with biblical morality.

Hard pass.

The women who helped Donald Trump win: 

Trump’s success is specifically among white women without college degrees, 61 percent of whom voted for him. Clinton actually did 7 points better than Trump with white college-educated women.

Debt is projected to rise by $8.6 trillion over 10 years

How bad biology is killing the economy:

Bad biology exerts an irresistible attraction. Those who think that competition is what life is all about, and who believe that it is desirable for the strong to survive at the expense of the weak, eagerly adopt Darwinism as a beautiful illustration of their ideology. They depict evolution – or at least their cardboard version of it – as almost heavenly. John D Rockefeller concluded that the growth of a large business “is merely the working out of a law of nature and a law of God”, and Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs – the biggest money-making machine in the world – recently depicted himself as merely “doing God’s work”.

Nick Cassella

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