Daily Clips: January 22nd, 2016

The National Review takes on Trump: Fox News couldn’t take down Trump, Jeb! couldn’t land a punch, so where does the Republican establishment turn at a moment of crisis? A dying magazine! There, a range of conservative thinkers published a series of essays ridiculing Trump. Got ya, Donald!

Seriously, though. Is this the best they’ve got? Is this the “Republican conspiracy” David Brooks was calling for earlier this week? If so, the Republicans are in deep, deep trouble.

Speaking of David Brooks…His latest column is just as insane as the last. Read this paragraph:

In the Palestinian territories, for example, young people don’t organize or work with their government to improve their prospects. They wander into Israel, try to stab a soldier or a pregnant woman and get shot or arrested — every single time. They throw away their lives for a pointless and usually botched moment of terrorism.

I have no idea how someone can honestly make such a vulgar generalization about Palestinian youth. It’s paragraphs like that which reminds me why David Brooks is a Republican after all.

Tweet of the day:

Gif of the day: Sorry Tim Eyman.

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Nick Cassella

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