Daily Clips: January 20th, 2016

Tweet of the day:

Sarah Palin may have lost her mind: Seriously.

2015 was the hottest year in recored history, NASA and NOAA say: That’s not good news. The New York Times reports,

Scientists started predicting a global temperature record months ago, in part because an El Niño weather pattern, one of the largest in a century, is dumping an immense amount of heat from the Pacific Ocean into the atmosphere. But the bulk of the record-setting heat, they say, is a consequence of the long-term planetary warming caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.

Electric vehicle sales fall short of Obama’s goal: In 2008, Barack Obama set a goal of having “one million plug-in electric vehicles on the roads by 2015,” yet today we only have about 400,000 electrics cars on the road.

Nick Cassella

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