Daily Clips: January 18, 2017

Tom Price, almost certainly, did some insider trading:

Mr. Price, who will testify at a Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday, has bought and sold stocks worth more than $300,000 over the last four years, The Wall Street Journal reported last month. His trades included shares of at least two companies that stood to benefit from legislation he voted for, had sponsored or was involved in.

Earth sets temperature record for third straight year:

“A single warm year is something of a curiosity,” said Deke Arndt, chief of global climate monitoring for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “It’s really the trend, and the fact that we’re punching at the ceiling every year now, that is the real indicator that we’re undergoing big changes.”

Inequality is killing the American Dream:


Obamacare Repealers: Trickle Downer of the Week

Furthermore, the repeal of Obamacare would generate massive tax breaks—about $180 billion, according to an earlier CBO report—for pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and medical device manufacturers.


Nick Cassella

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