Daily Clips: January 17, 2016

Republicans Plan to Roll Back Endangered Species Act:

Reforms proposed by Republicans include placing limits on lawsuits that have been used to maintain protections for some species and force decisions on others, as well as adopting a cap on how many species can be protected and giving states a greater say in the process.

It turns out that a major factor in “making America great again” was removing endangered species from protection. Good to know.

Wal-Mart to create 10,000 jobs this year:

The “classy way” to let companies sponsor parks: 

The marketization of our society is near completion.

How Cory Booker went from hero to zero:

Booker has long faced criticism on the left for cultivating the elite financial ties that much of the Bernie Sanders wing despises. And while it’s true that his vote may have had more to do with the concentration of the pharmaceutical industry in his home state, it’s also only served to confirm some progressives’ suspicions that he’s too closely allied with corporate interests in the Democratic Party.

Nick Cassella

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