Daily Clips: January 11th, 2016

There are roughly 5 percent more Democrats than Republicans: So what does this mean? “Because there are roughly 5% more Democrats than Republicans, the GOP needs a solid majority of independents to win a national election.”

Unfortunately for Republicans, the two candidates with the best shot at winning the nomination (Trump & Cruz) have less than ideal numbers with independents. Consider the following:

In YouGov’s three most recent surveys, Mr. Trump was viewed “very unfavorably” by an average of 43% of independents…Ted Cruz doesn’t do much better. Only 13% to 16% of independents had a very favorable view of him in YouGov’s three most recent surveys…

Speaking of Mr. Cruz, check out FiveThirtyEight’s latest analysis:

Brilliant video of Bernie Sanders taking it to Walmart:

Economists thought Obamacare would kill full-time jobs. That’s not happening: Let’s recap some of the more ludicrous quotes about Obamacare’s economic impact:

  • There is no doubt [the Affordable Care Act] will be paid for on the backs of small business. It’s clear to us that, at the end of the day, the costs to small business more than outweigh the benefits they may have realized.” -National Federation of Independent Business, 2009
  • “[Health reform] will destroy the country [because] in the year or so [America will have to] dramatically cut the military because we can’t pay for it.” – Rick Santorum, 2010
  • “[Obamacare] will bankrupt our nation, and it will ruin our economy.” – Rep. John Boehner, 2011

God, I love when Republicans and the business lobby are wrong. Which is often.

Nick Cassella

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