Daily Clips: February 4th, 2016

Clinton blasts Wall Street, but still draws millions in contributions: Bernie Sanders has certainly made Hillary’s rhetoric on Wall Street much more progressive. But as she talks about this issue, her supporters must know that “through the end of December, donors at hedge funds, banks, insurance companies and other financial-services firms had given at least $21.4 million to support Clinton’s 2016 presidential run.”

That’s a lot of money. And of course that sort of money influences policies she will end up implementing.

The trick for Hillary will be explaining to the American people why this time is different. She needs to explain that in today’s day and age, you must play by the game or get beaten. She did a good job last night at the Democratic Town Hall, where she reminded the audience that the Koch brothers will spend nearly $750 billion on defeating the Democratic nominee.

She needs to repeat this more. She needs the American people to know that there are evil forces at work. To beat the game, she must also play the game. Please be aware, I’m not saying this makes her donations just. I’m saying this is the best strategy she has for rationalizing her connections to dubious partners.

Obama visits a Muslim mosque for the first time: Why did it take him this long to reassure American Muslims that they have a place in our society? This question will be an interesting one to explore post-presidency. It certainly feels like the gesture could have been made years ago. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful speech.

Civil rights activist Deray McKesson to run for Baltimore mayor: You can donate here.

Video of the day – Santorum can’t name Rubio accomplishments on Morning Joe: Too good.

Nick Cassella

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