Daily Clips: February 28, 2017

US News ranks WA state as #5 in country: They ranked states in terms of infrastructure, economy, crime, opportunity, health care etc…MA came in first, while NH came in second.

Diversity rankings of US cities! I’m in a ranking sort of mood. Where do you think Seattle comes?

Solar now employs twice as many people as the coal industry: Hurray!

What a fed rate hike in March would mean:

On Monday, a combination of domestic and international factors contributed to a significant reassessment by market participants of the probability of a Federal Reserve interest rate hike in March. Now the markets are pricing in a more realistic probability of 52 percent, up from less than 40 percent last week.


Paul Constant describes what patriotism means to him: Progressives around the country are marking President Donald Trump’s first state of the union address with videos, tweets, and Facebook posts marked with the “#ProudPatriot” hashtag. Here, Mr. Constant wrote a moving Medium piece where puts forward a very admirable vision of patriotism.

It is our duty as Americans to make America better than it was yesterday.This can seem like an impossible task in a time when immigrants and trans Americans face life-threatening consequences from discriminatory, shoddily written executive orders. But I also see people every day who are working to improve the nation, from government employees doing their jobs in uncertain circumstances to protesters fighting for LGBTQ rights to politicians who are trying to do the best they can by their constituents.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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