Daily Clips: February 24, 2017

CPAC attendees waved Russian flags: What is happening to the Republican Party?

How the Democrats can hijack the tax-reform debate: Harold Meyerson over at American Prospect puts together a deep analysis of the economy and how Democrats (particularly in ’18) can win the economic debate.

America’€™s monopolies are holding back the economy:

Monopoly is a main driver of inequality, as profits concentrate more wealth in the hands of the few. The effects of monopoly enrage voters in their day-to-day lives, as they face the sky-high prices set by drug-company cartels and the abuses of cable providers, health insurers, and airlines. Monopoly provides much of the funds the wealthy use to distort American politics.

Obamacare popularity highest in nearly seven years as repeal talk mounts: I cannot describe how frustrated this makes me.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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