Daily Clips: February 22, 2017

Trump may revoke transgender bathroom rules: Back to the closet you go! What is it with old white men and not being ok with different people?

Americans Are Drowning in Student Debt—Can Trump Save Them? Trump’s student loan “plan” actually is quite liberal. During the campaign, he suggested that loan  payments should be capped at 12.5 of a borrower’s income, with the ability to earn loan forgiveness after 15 years.

Top put this plan in perspective, Obama’s REPAYE plan “has borrowers pay 10 percent of their income over 20 to 25 years before qualifying for forgiveness.”

Ryan’s tax plan is headed for failure: Jennifer Rubin (who once was considered a Republican) criticizes Paul Ryan’s quite silly tax plan. Worth a read, if only to see Rubin lambasting the GOP’s rising star.

Mitch Mcconnell says, “Winners make policy, losers go home”: Could he be any more of a dick?

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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