Daily Clips: February 18th, 2016

Glenn Beck begs South Carolinians to support Ted Cruz – “Fall to your knees and pray to God to reveal to you what the hour is.” Or alternatively, look at your watch.

Obama’s strategy with the Supreme Court:¬†

One thing Obama is likely to try to do is to minimize substantive grounds for opposition. A sitting federal judge who attracted bipartisan support and generated little controversy during the process of his or her previous confirmation would be an ideal starting point. Another advantage to choosing a sitting federal judge is that such a candidate would be more likely to agree to be nominated. A judge currently in private practice or academia would have little incentive to go on leave and undergo a comprehensive vetting process for what is almost certainly a doomed nomination. A federal judge would already have been vetted, and would be able to stay on the bench with his or her nomination pending.

Pope says Trump’s views are “not Christian”:¬†Pretty rich coming from a dude that continues to malevolently cover up child rape in his own church.

Nick Cassella

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