Daily Clips: February 10th, 2016

New Hampshire women chose Bernie in a landslide: 

Sanders won 53 percent of the female vote compared to Clinton’s 46 percent, according to exit poll analysis by ABC News. Among young women, Sanders’ numbers were even higher: 69 percent of Democratic women under 45 backed him in the primary, a statistic which includes 82 percent of female primary voters under the age of 30…

These results are incredible. I was explaining this phenomena to my father the other day, and he admitted that he couldn’t wrap his head around why young women weren’t voting for Hillary Clinton. And it’s not like they’re voting for Elizabeth Warren either. They are voting for an old white man. Why?

One theory I have is that women under 45 probably feel very comfortable that they will have many opportunities to nominate a female presidential candidate in their lifetime. The same cannot be said for older women who 1) see this as a novelty and 2) probably don’t feel like they’ll have many more opportunities to nominate a woman. (See Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright.)

Here’s an excellent overview of last night’s results: “The tight grip of oligarchy upon the American political system slipped a little last night in New Hampshire.”

Hillary’s “do-not-panic” memo: Chris Cillizza annotates the memo, highlighting specific passages and what they “actually” mean. A very good read to get inside the mind of the Clinton campaign.

Nick Cassella

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