Daily Clips: December 9th, 2015

Imagine if Steve Jobs’ Dad was turned away because he was Syrian: In Nick Hanauer’s latest piece, he talks about the best way to ensure economic prosperity for all. At the core of his thesis is the principle of inclusion. From here, Hanauer claims, “America has succeeded primarily because it has an unbeatable record of inclusion.”

He argues, “The more cognitive diversity we have — the more people simultaneously approaching the same problem from as many different backgrounds and perspectives as possible — the greater the rate of innovation. It’s not how hard you try; it’s how many different ways you try to solve a problem that leads to success.”

It is an abomination, Hanauer claims, both morally and economically, that our leaders are “pulling up the welcome mat and barring the doors to the worshippers of the fastest-growing religion in the world.” What these racist leaders don’t understand, is that they “aren’t just failing the moral test — though they certainly are doing that — they’re also harming our economy.”

Well said, boss.

Better schools, better economies: A new study found that “local economies flourish when there are more skilled and productive workers.” Fascinatingly, “Using data from other countries and from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the authors built a model that predicts the economic effects of improving education. According to their model, if all students in the U.S. could be brought up to basic mastery as defined by NAEP, the U.S. GDP would increase by $32 trillion, or 14.6 percent.”

Cruz spearheads anti-science push: Idiotic. Moronic. Depressing. These are words that came to mind while watching Ted Cruz speak at aa Senate subcommittee hearing (he convened) on the validity of climate change.

Best headline of the day: “VW says CO2 emissions scandal not as bad as feared”

Nick Cassella

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