Daily Clips: December 7th, 2015

Bernie Sanders wins readers’ poll for TIME’s Person of the Year: Sanders’ legion of supporters made a fantastic choice for the 2015 POTY. While the readers’ poll is important, the final decision for POTY will ultimately be decided by TIME’s editors. Rest assured, if Bernie doesn’t get the nod, his fans will point to the billionaire class trying to suppress his appeal.

Fun fact about TIME’s POTY: “No presidential candidate has been named Person of the Year prior to the end of the campaign.”

US chooses gun rights over public safety: What a depressing headline. This country is so backward in so many ways.

Jeb!’s Super Pac releases a 15 minute video on his life: In a desperate plea to GOP primary voters, Jeb Bush’s campaign…I mean, Super Pac, released a video which hoped to humanize Veto Corleone. The problem? Jeb is a super boring, plastic individual. The video is full of empty platitudes, relying on the viewer to actually like Jeb. Moreover, this video comes across as desperate. Stuck at 3% in national polls, Jeb! simply isn’t a good candidate (or at least the right candidate for this time).

No number of lame videos or TV ads can help him this cycle.

Majority says Trump is hurting GOP brand: According to a new MSNBC/Telemundo/Marist poll, only 58 percent of adults say Trump is hurting the Republican party’s image. How the hell is that number so low? Who are these people that think he’s not hurting the GOP’s brand?

Nick Cassella

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