Daily Clips: December 4th, 2015

Why today’s jobs report is a big deal for the economy: The economy added 211,000 jobs – a whopping 20,000 more jobs than expected this month. These numbers suggest that the Fed will indeed raise interest rates this month.

3 conclusions from today’s job report: While the above article does a nice job of outlining the basic implications of today’s jobs report, this Bloomberg column goes into more detail. Certainly worth a read.

Oh no, Jeb! You’re at 3% in the latest poll! It must be hard for Jeb! to look at the latest polls and rationalize why he still needs to be in this race (other than the copious amounts of money he has stored up).

I still cannot get over how far Jeb! has fallen. I was convinced going into this cycle that it would be Clinton v. Bush. I seriously underestimated the GOP’s appetite for outsiders, racism, and delusional leadership.

Everyone who has ever worked for Ted Cruz despises him: In most jobs, references from past work plays a huge role in whether or not you get the position. Thankfully for Ted Cruz, this is not necessarily the case for POTUS, because almost everyone who has ever encountered Cruz…hates him. From his freshman roommate at Princeton to his time on the 2000 Bush campaign, colleagues have found Cruz to be a nightmare. Are you surprised?

Nick Cassella

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