Daily Clips: December 3rd, 2015

Brady Walkinshaw to take on Jim McDermott in next year’s WA House race: State Rep Brady Walkinshaw confirmed yesterday that he will be running for McDermott’s seat. Walkinshaw stressed he has “incredible respect and admiration” for McDermott, but said it’s time for a change. “I believe this region is ready for its next progressive leader,” he said.

 The “welfare state” is a terrible name for an essential system: “‘Welfare’ has two main meanings: general well-being, and, in some circles, government handouts. Welfare, though, is not designed with either of those meanings in mind—it’s a system of programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance, that automatically props up consumer spending during recessions by making sure workers are getting by. Yes, an individual who receives money when unexpected, uncontrollable events stop him or her from working is getting help from the government. But it also helps on the level of the economy, as it makes sure that aggregate demand stays high during labor-market slumps. In this sense, the welfare state stabilizes capitalism.”

New York Daily News cover: Perfection.

Nick Cassella

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