Daily Clips: December 2nd, 2015

Most Americans think attacks on abortion clinics are “domestic terrorism.” That’s good to hear. A majority of Republicans (54 percent) even believe that such attacks should be labelled as terrorism. Which is a good place to start I guess.

The wealthiest 20 people now own more wealth than half the American population. That’s neither fair nor good for our economy.

Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist: Dana Milbank doesn’t mince his words here. He goes after the Donald and his supporters noting, “though all Trump supporters surely aren’t racists or bigots, even a cursory examination of social media reveals that many are.”

Five assumptions about this Republican election cycle: Here’s an interesting breakdown of the 2016 GOP race by Brian Beutler.

To the extent that conventional wisdom is possible in a campaign this erratic, a consensus is emerging among political analysts that looks something like this:

1. Despite his large, and enduring polling lead, Donald Trump still can’t win the nomination; something, at some point, will happen to derail his campaign.

2. Cruz will be the main beneficiary of Trump’s demise.

3. The establishment will coalesce behind Rubio as a more palatable alternative to Cruz.

4. The race will consolidate into a bloody slugfest between Cruz and Rubio, with Rubio enjoying overwhelming support from party actors and Cruz from conservative activists. Rubio will have a difficult time convincing ideological voters that he’s more authentically conservative than Cruz, who will gladly cite his rival’s official endorsements as evidence that he’s been compromised by the establishment.

5. As suggested by Rubio’s attacks on Cruz’s vote to end the NSA’s bulk, warrantless collection of electronic metadata, foreign policy will be the one arena in which Cruz will prove vulnerable on the right.

Nick Cassella

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