Daily Clips: December 1, 2016

A panicky abandonment of their core commitments is the last thing Democrats need. Far better advice comes from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who urges the party to re-engage with rural and small-town voters.

So says EJ Dionne and I think he’s right, but I think in order to “re-engage with rural and small-town voters” they need to abandon their obsession with incrementalist, market-friendly policies.

They need to “re-engage” by promoting a vision that isn’t so piecemeal. And that will require a dramatic shake up in the Democratic Party.

Trump’s supporters don’t necessarily expect the world to get better. However, they are a lot happier about the United States than they were on November 7. Change was enough, it appears—at least for now.

Trump’s willingness to roll up his sleeves and get involved in the problems of one American community indicates an obsessive focus on boosting the fortunes of working-class Midwesterners — even as his administration’s big-picture policy focus remains on deregulating Wall Street, enacting an enormous tax cut for rich people, and slashing spending on assistance to the poor.

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Nick Cassella

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