Daily Clips: August 30th, 2016

Don’t be scared of a health-insurance public option: Noah Smith provides a thorough investigation of the public option, noting the good and the bad. One downside he focuses on, in particular, caught my eye:

A downside of government health care would be higher taxes. Currently, small business can claim a tax credit for giving their employees health insurance; if government took over, the effective tax rate on these businesses would rise.

That’s a good point and one I had not considered before.

Donald Trump’s tax proposals could double the trade deficit: What? You mean cutting taxes for our wealthiest citizens leads to a bigger deficit?

In defense of Chicago University: Jonathan Chait takes a long look at the variety of responses to  Chicago University’s “safe spaces” letter. He does an excellent job of questioning people on his “own political team”, as he puts it.

Amazon is looking at 30-hour work weeks: It will be interesting to see if this experiment works out.

Tweet of the day: 

Nick Cassella

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