Daily Clips: August 29th, 2016

Trickle down is on its way to history’s dustbin:¬†So tax cuts for the rich, deregulation for the powerful, and wage suppression for the 99% aren’t winning the economic battle anymore. That much is clear. And that’s great. But what is filling the economic void in America? According to Felicia Wong and Dorian Warren:

The emerging progressive economic agenda, which calls for rebalancing power at the top, strengthening our labor market by creating strong floors of standards and greater access for the most vulnerable workers at the bottom, and investing in public goods and economic security through a more robust role for the state, is the antidote to neoliberal tax-cutting.


Solid US consumer spending boosts prospect of Fed rate hike: US consumer spending increased for the fourth straight month. An interest rate hike looks more and more likely, as a result.

The snooze economy: Gotta say, catchy headline there, Robert J. Samuelson. His analysis is less praiseworthy, but its always intriguing to see how right-of-center thinkers view the economy. I like how he points out that “if you’re not confused [about the economy], you’re not paying attention.”

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