Daily Clips: August 25th, 2016

The Federal Reserve needs new thinking: When the Wall Street Journal starts questioning the status quo, you know economic thinking is in flux.

Democratic women can take the Senate back: “In five of the seven states where Democrats have a strong chance of picking up seats, the candidates are women.”

The plight of the over-worked nonprofit employee: Here at Civic Skunk Works we feel quite strongly about overtime pay—by that I mean, we think it’s a basic labor right. Crazy, I know. Not everyone shares this view with us, however. Many nonprofits think they should be exempt from Obama’s new overtime rule. But that seems…odd. Listen to how a nonprofit veteran explains the situation:

Too often, I have seen the passion for social change turned into a weapon against the very people who do much—if not most—of the hard work, and put in most of the hours…Because they are highly motivated by passion, the reasoning goes, they don’t need to be motivated by decent salaries or sustainable work hours or overtime pay.”

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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