Daily Clips: August 22nd, 2016

Why Hillary Clinton might win Georgia: The GOP is so screwed.

Western economies and their minimum wages: This study looks at minimum wages and their relation to a country’s median wage. Predictably, one can see that the US has let the purchasing power of their minimum wage descend since 1980:



How the first liberal Supreme Court in a generation could reshape America: Dylan Matthews’ latest is a brilliant piece of historical work, correctly pointing out that “over the past half-century liberals have been playing defense as an organized and well-planned movement of conservatives has limited the scope of rights trumpeted by liberals.” His analysis rings true. For the past fifty years, the American conservative movement has largely been a reactive. They gain support through saying “no” to progress. See abortion, women’s rights, voting rights, welfare reform, gay marriage, minimum wage. The list could go on.

But finally progressives have an opportunity to have the SCOTUS on their side. As Matthews notes, “Scalia’s vacancy and Kennedy’s coming exit have opened the door for liberals to rethink American law in dramatic ways.”

Twenty years since welfare “reform”: Our own Hanna Brooks Olsen writes an incredibly detailed review of welfare reform. Read it.

Nick Cassella

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