Daily Clips: August 18th, 2016

Aetna threatened to quit Obamacare…even though their market cap has tripled since 2012: Have they no shame?

The Breitbart alt-right has taken over the GOP: 

Trump lives in a Breitbart fantasy world, and he’s now invited Bannon to personally decorate that world for him. The GOP establishment, too weak and cowardly to oust Trump earlier, risks displacing the true, constitutional conservatives for whom the party has been a natural political home, and now it looks prepared to ride the Trump train, next to alt-righters, all the way into the electoral ravine.

The Class of 2016’s labor market: Here are some of the key findings from EPI’s report:

  • “Members of the Class of 2016 currently have better job prospects than the classes of 2009–2015.”
  • “For young college graduates, the unemployment rate is currently 5.6 percent (compared with 5.5 percent in 2007), and the underemployment rate is 12.6 percent (compared with 9.6 percent in 2007).”
  • “Young male college graduates earned 8.1 percent more in 2016 than in 2000, while young female college graduates earned 6.8 percent less than in 2000.”

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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