Daily Clips: August 15th, 2016

Krugman on the economy: The NYT  economist sends a warning shot out to “growth-focused centrists”, arguing “when centrists urge us to look away from questions of distribution and fairness and focus on growth instead, all too often they’re basically running away from the real issues that divide us politically.”

Clinton increases staff in Georgia: Fun trivia—Bill Clinton was the last Democratic candidate to carry the state in 1992.

Economic anxiety did not lead to Trump: 

But when Trump voters say they’re upset about needing to press one for English, mad that Black Lives Matter protesters are slandering police officers, and worried that Muslim and/or Mexican immigrants are going to murder their children, it’s perverse to interpret them as secretly hankering for a refundable child care tax credit.

Gays against guns:

Organizers of the collective, which has more than 300 members in New York and chapters in nine other cities across the country, said they were prepared to break the law and get arrested in their fight against gun manufacturers, their shareholders, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its corporate backers.

Tweet of the day: Glorious news for the WA Democrats. Bill Bryant seems to be running a completely inept campaign, devoid of any political courage.


Nick Cassella

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