Daily Clips: August 12th, 2016

Three major indexes end at records for first time since 1999: And yet the economy isn’t even in full gear. That suggests that either the stock market is inflated or that the markets still have room to grow. I’m thinking the former.

HRC is looking good in polls: There is almost no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton wins the presidency this November. A recent Vox article makes this case:

In all 16 of the most recent elections, the popular vote winner was the candidate who was ahead around this point in the campaign season.

Austerity has dragged down the US economy: Not excessive regulations or tax increases, you say?!

The DEA is dead wrong on marijuana: It’s 2016 and it’s embarrassing that heroin and marijuana are still in the same category. Actually, it’s even worse than an embarrassment, it’s pure evil. They know marijuana has at least some medical benefit, yet they still give the middle finger to science.

TWEET OF THE DAY: Out of all the industries which need investment, are police up there?

Nick Cassella

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