Daily Clips: April 8th, 2016

Obama pursued transformation as GOP chose self-destruction: While at first glance this headline seems to be rather editorialized, Fareed Zakaria’s  take on the state of US politics is remarkably honest. First, he lays out why he thinks Obama has succeeded at being a “transformational president”:

1. He saved the economy.

2. He created health care, where now 90 percent of Americans are covered.

3. He helped transform US energy policy. He gives this example: “solar costs have plummeted by 70 percent and solar generation is up 3,000 percent.”

4. Obama has pursued a limited foreign policy that curtails “US involvement in establishing political order in the Middle East, focusing instead on counterterrorism.”

For the most part, I agree with Zakaria’s praise. It’s a very good article which I’d highly recommend.

Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian: I guess you can rape children and still be Christian, however.

A Republican judge’s ruling threatens a key pillar of post-crisis financial regulation: Great read on the GOP’s blind hatred of financial regulations.

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