Daily Clips: April 4, 2017




America’s opioid problem according to David Brooks:

An anti-opioid effort won’t be effective unless it’s part of a broader effort at social and economic reweaving, a set of efforts to either help people move out of rural, blighted communities or to find jobs and social networks while there.

Or…you know…We could severely limit the amount of opioids that can be prescribed?

Jared Kushner has a full plate:

Offhand, I am not aware of any White House staff member in recent history who has had such an important and diverse array of responsibilities. One would have to go back to Harry Hopkins, one of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s closest advisers, to find someone similar. But although Hopkins worked on both domestic and foreign policy, he didn’t work on them simultaneously, as Mr. Kushner appears to be doing.

Governors from 4 marijuana states ask feds to leave them alone: Good on ‘em.

No raise? It’s not you, it’s the company:

The kind of company you work for makes a big difference to your chances of getting raises, new research has found. This adds to growing evidence that what goes on inside firms matters beyond their walls. Researchers have shown that company-level differences have become large enough to influence national productivity growth and overall wage inequality. The new study suggests they affect income mobility, too.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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