Daily Clips: April 3, 2017

Free speech as battleground:

Censorship used against our enemies will soon be used against us. The Left will never win the battle of ideas by trying to suppress opposing arguments. The only way to win is by a concerted, long-term effort to out-argue, out-educate, and out-organize the Right.

When all else fails cut tax cuts for the rich:

But only those without commitment to the one true faith—supply-side economics—would be deterred by that history. This isn’t about economic growth, or jobs, or anything else. Cutting taxes for the rich is just what Republicans do. It’s what keeps them coming back to work, the joyful prospect that our nation’s virtuous nobles might find relief from the oppressive burden of taxation that weighs so heavily upon them.

Melinda Gates: Contraceptives are ‘anti-poverty innovation’ and Donald Trump’s foreign aid cuts are hurting millions of women

Republicans want to do away with more regulations: What an evergreen headline that is! This time, it’s in reference to the Dodd-Frank Act.

Tweet of the day:

Nick Cassella

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