Daily Clips: April 27th, 2016

How to persuade rich people to pay more taxes: The author looks at various “cognitive errors” of rich individuals and how these affect their views on taxes. I’m not entirely sure that we’ll ever be able to convince the wealthy to pay more taxes. The people we actually need to persuade are the 99%. We need to create an economic narrative and theory which adequately explains why higher taxes on the wealthy is good for everyone, including the top 1%.

Smaller US goods trade gap seen boosting first quarter GDP growth: “The U.S. goods trade deficit narrowed sharply to a one-year low in March, as both imports and exports fell, suggesting economic growth in the first-quarter was probably not as weak as currently anticipated.

The racist roots of Virginia’s felon disenfranchisement: Fascinating historical analysis.

Why Tuesday was a very good night for Senate Democrats: 

1) The establishment’s preferred candidate won in PA (Katie McGinty). While “McGinty has her struggles…but she comes from a working-class background and would be the state’s first female senator.”

2) They’ve got a potential new leader in Chris Van Hollen. Here’s his victory speech from last night:


Nick Cassella

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