Daily Clips: April 24, 2017

How ideologues use grade-school economics to distort the minimum wage:

The United States has the lowest minimum wage, as a proportion of average wages, of any advanced economy—one reason for our wide gap between rich and poor. But according to economism, raising the minimum wage would only backfire and harm poor people.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Chief expects basic NAFTA deal by mid-2018

Republicans want to muzzle database of consumer complaints

Want to rescue rural America? Bust monopolies

It is a myth that the economic challenges that rural and small-town America face are caused by forces largely outside our control, like globalization or improvements in technology. We have the ability to help restore competition and economic vibrancy in rural America and beyond. The government has the authority to ensure markets are once again open and competitive so that communities have a chance to shape their own economic destinies. The question is whether we will recognize the error of our ways and put taking on monopolies high on the economic agenda — for rural and small-town America, and for everyone who wants to ensure our country can once again be the land of opportunity.

Watch: Bill Nye rips CNN for treating climate change like theater instead of science

Nick Cassella

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