Daily Clips: April 18th, 2016

How cheap does solar power need to get before it takes over the world? I’ve written before about the potential of the solar industry and Vox‘s Brad Plumer takes an in-depth look at the burgeoning sector. Fascinating stuff.

On immigration, law is on Obama’s side: This sentiment isn’t coming from some commie socialist, it’s coming from former Republican Senator Dick Lugar. In this op-ed piece, Lugar is unequivocal about Obama’s actions on immigration, arguing:

But whether or not you like President Obama’s actions, he has operated under longstanding provisions of law that give the executive branch discretion in enforcement. This presidential prerogative has been recognized explicitly by the Supreme Court. Moreover, the nature of immigration enforcement and the resources (or lack thereof) appropriated by Congress necessitate exactly the type of choices that the president has made.

Moving toward a 21st-century labor movement: SEIU’s president, David Rolf, has a fantastic column about the need to reboot America’s labor structure. He argues against restoring “America’s collective-bargaining framework” and instead suggests a Shared Security System – which we’ve talked about on our gig economy podcast episode.

3 million registered voters won’t be able to vote in New York’s primary: New York values. 

Nick Cassella

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