Daily Clips: April 10, 2017

How California hopes to undo Trump:

California is the Trump administration’s most formidable adversary, not only on matters of immigration, but on damn near everything. No other entity—not the Democratic Party, not the tech industry, surely not the civil liberties lobby—has the will, the resources, and the power California brings to the fight. Others have the will, certainly, but not California’s clout.

How the fight for a $15 minimum wage in Baltimore fell apart: Surprisingly, businesses said they’d have to move or cut jobs.

Keynesian economics is hot again:

Someday, when economists have a better handle on the basics of why people consume and businesses invest, macroeconomic models won’t have to be rethought every time a big recession happens.

Right-wing nationalism vs. one-percent oligarchy: In the war between Bannon and Kushner, Trump agrees with both:

The president shares Bannon’s idea that the country is collapsing and can only be saved with toughness, strength and power. In Jared and Ivanka, Trump sees a golden future for his progeny, building the family wealth and securing his legacy. That’s the Trump worldview, perfectly embodied in his two top advisers.

The gig economy’s false promise: “Instead of freedom, workers at companies like Uber have encountered low wages and coercion.”

Nick Cassella

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