“The Other Washington” Is Out! Check Out Our New Podcast Here

After months of effort (and Goldy yammering on about the importance of the Lochner era), we are proud to release “The Other Washington” – a podcast on politics and policy from way outside the Beltway. Our first episode focuses on the $15 minimum wage, where we explore how Seattle civic leaders brought this “near insane” idea to the forefront of political economy.

We may forget about it now, but five years ago you would have been laughed out of a room if you proposed a $15 minimum wage. Not so anymore. In 2015 alone, 14 states and cities approved a $15 minimum wage. Now, two-thirds of American mayors said they would support raising the minimum wage, with 37 percent saying they’d raise it to $15. In other words, we are gaining ground quickly.

That said, the Fight for $15 movement is in its infancy. We hope this podcast shines a light on its beginnings and inspires you to think about this issue more.

If you’re super impressed with the editing and sound quality, note that Larj media produced this podcast. The executive producer, Tina Nole, is fantastic and deserves the lion’s share of the credit for the final product.

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Nick Cassella

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